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Innovative fibers and mats

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23 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Johns Manville will present its engineered products in glass fibers and nonwoven glass and synthetic mats. 

Innovative products, such as MultiStar 574 Roving used in polyurethane LFI processes, will be demonstrated with real-life examples of end-use applications.


Emerging technologies in thermoplastic composites will be highlighted, including innovations in in-mold caprolactam polymerization using pioneering StarRov Rovings. Multiple innovative technologies will be displayed through woven fabric constructions for use in continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.


JM will also showcase applications in SMC and engineered thermoplastics processes, both reinforced with JM MultiStar Roving for SMC and ThermoFlow 672 for PA6 and PrmoF


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