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Innovative Mobile Vacuum Kart and film release

News International-French

16 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Airtech is launching the latest product development in its sealant tape range. Airseal sealant tapes are designed to be used in all composite shops producing FRP parts for the marine, commercial and wind-energy industries with cure in heated tools or ovens.


The range now also covers the market needs in the higher temperature range of sealant tapes up to 150°C at competitive prices.


The innovative Mobile Vacuum Kart (MVK 2011) is the ideal plug-and-play system for creating vacuum in prepreg and resin infusion applications, offering excellent mobility in the shop. The vacuum pump installed inside the cart is a rotary vane pump (25 m³/h) with a single-phase motor (230 V, 50/60 Hz). The kart has 6 AQD 500TF male parts, ideal for multi-vacuum hose connections.


Significant labour savings can be achieved by applying a combination of products in one step. Flowlease 39P combines a knitted flow mesh with a layer of WL 3900 Red P perforated release film. The WL4800 release film is particularly suited for flat or limited curvature moulding applications up to 195°C, an excellent solution to close recent gaps.


WL3800 is a matte-finished PET release film used as a barrier between tool surfaces and composite materials processed using automated tape layup and automated fibre placement.



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