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Innovative non-contact precision measurement products launched by Imetrum

News International-French

22 Jan 2016

Imetrum, a specialist in the field of camera-based, non-contact precision measurement will be showing a number of innovative new products at JEC World 2016.

This technology has huge benefits and cost savings for composite manufacturers and users. Of particular interest, will be Imetrum’s new Crack Length Gauge, a game-changing product for researchers investigating the fracture mechanics of double cantilever beam test specimen coupons. This new innovation for materials testing will be displayed alongside the company’s new 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) system on Booth K81.

Imetrum’s proven measurement systems give precise, traceable data across most testing and monitoring requirements for materials; components; assemblies and in civil engineering. Imetrum systems are routinely used in high-volume test labs; research environments; on site surveying, structural monitoring and geotechnical testing.

Both the Universal Extensometer (UVX) and 3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT) systems are based on Imetrum’s Video Gauge software and are characterised by their measurement resolution, accuracy, versatility and efficient work flows. Each system offers unique measurement tools such as two and three dimensional optical LVDTs and measurement of true shear strain.

Ian Bond, Head of Department of Aerospace Engineering, Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science, University of Bristol highlights the benefits of Imetrum’s UVX Flexi system and Video Gauge software in collecting the data they need for their research:

“Video Gauge software can be used to extract deformation and strain data from any test, irrespective of scale, so long as a stream of images can be obtained. For low speed testing on conventional test machines this data can be extracted in real time up to at least 300Hz. It can also be used in conjunction with the high speed camera post-test. When coupled with a miniaturised test machine and a metallurgical microscope this gives us the capacity to carry out very fine scale studies of the strains within loaded composites at the meso and micro scales.”

Photo: Crack length gauge