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Innovative PCD solutions for composite machining

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1 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Seco has expanded its range of diamond-coated and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools. Thanks to the experience of the AOB company, Seco now offers new, modern and efficient solutions for standard machining with PCD tools.

Designed for composite part machining (thermosets and thermoplastics), these solutions are characterized by 4 innovative features:

1. The sharpness of polycrystalline diamond results in improved surface finish, good fibre cut and low heat generation. These benefits minimize uncut fibres and delamination, increase productivity and improve process safety.

2. The hardness of polycrystalline diamond makes the tools more resistant to wear (increased tool life).

3. The accuracy of PCD tools results in close dimensional tolerances for greater reliability and reduced finishing operations.

4. The thermal conductivity of the polycrystalline material lowers process temperatures, which enhances product stability and allows higher cutting speeds. This results in greater flexibility, performance and process safety.



AOB’s team of experts, supported by the knowledge and the local presence of Seco’s technical teams, uses its expertise to design machining tools for composite parts and industrial aluminium alloys that meet the needs of demanding application fields such as boring, milling and drilling (custom tooling).


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