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Innovative prepreg dedicated to tooling

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

Beta Prepreg for composite tooling is a JEC 2011 Innovation  Award finalist!  It’s based on Henkel Benzoxazine resin and  toughening technology. It can be stored at room temperature  for up to 6 months with no loss of tack and delivers superior  laminate properties compared to conventional epoxy and BMI  systems. High glass transition temperature 485 °F (251 °C) and  service stability at high temperature ensures long tool life.

Features and Benefits:
-  Exceptionally long out-life allows virtually limit free tool fabrication time. Customers benefit from increased work crew flexibility and can work around scheduling conflicts. Larger structures are possible with smaller work crews.

- Excellent post machining quality of Beta Prepreg laminates allows machining of complex geometry details and maintenance of very tight dimensional tolerances. The ability to modify tool surfaces following engineering change reduces cost of new tool manufacture.

- The outstanding toughness, high glass transition temperature and stability at high temperature ensure long tool life, reducing the cost of remanufacture and rework through product life.

-  Exceptionally low shrinkage improves tool surface quality and reduced need for part finishing. Low shrinkage also reduces residually laminate stresses.

 - Very low moisture absorption in comparison to epoxy systems makes Beta Prepreg a perfect tooling choice for moisture sensitive component resin systems.
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