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Innovative self-adhesive non-crimp fabrics

News International-French

19 Apr 2011

SAERfix® EP is a self-adhesive non-crimp fabric (NCF) for epoxy matrix systems that uses a tailor-made adhesive.

(Published on October 2008 – JEC Magazine #44)


The coated fabrics named SAERfix® EP are self-adhesive on tool surfaces and on dry reinforcements (Fig. 1). SAERfix EP serves to fix the reinforcement without adding any spray glue, especially on vertical surfaces or inside the mould. This controlled process significantly simplifies the process of laying multiple layers of reinforcing textiles into the mould, thus saving time and costs.



More specifically, any uncontrolled slipping of single layers can be avoided, significantly increasing the reproducibility of the manufacturing process and the quality of parts, notably in wind energy or boat-building applications.


This patent-pending product is compatible with the fibre sizing of the rovings used in the production of rotor blades, and with typical epoxy-based infusion resins. It is incorporated into the matrix during the resin curing reaction. It is almost completely soluble in epoxy matrix resins. The SAERfix® EP glue affects neither reactivity nor processing conditions (e.g. shelf life and exotherm).



Mechanical properties

Based on comparative studies, the influence of SAERfix EP glue on the strength and fatigue properties of laminates has been tested (Fig. 2a & 2b). These investigations have shown that SAERfix® EP causes few adverse effects, especially in the fibre direction.



Fatigue behaviour

Under dynamic load, SAERfix EP shows improved fatigue behaviour, which can be explained by the toughening effect of the elastomer-modified SERfix EP glue, preventing the formation and growth of micro-cracks (Fig. 3).