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Installation of a large autoclave to cure Boeing's 777x wings

News International-French

30 Sep 2015

ASC Process Systems moved a massive 28 ft. x 120 ft. (8.5m x 37m) Econoclave from Paine Field Airport to Boeing’s newly constructed Composite Wing Center in Everett, Washington.

This autoclave will be used to cure the wing for Boeing’s 777x aircraft.

Weighing over 1 million pounds, this Econoclave will become one of the largest composite autoclave in the world when it is finally commissioned in early 2016.

About the Econoclave:
This composite curing autoclave brings together ASC Process Systems engineering, its autoclave system design, quality materials, advanced capabilities, and streamlined manufacturing to provide an energy efficient, aerospace autoclave for Tier I, II, and III manufacturers.

The Econoclave is the state-of-the-art in composite curing autoclave technology and provides advanced features and high performance.

This autoclave is affordable priced and its space-saving design requires less energy to operate which saves money in electricity, compressed air, and nitrogen usage each time users process their parts. When compared to conventional autoclaves, a large production Econoclave can save tens of thousands of dollars each year in operational costs.

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