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Integral construction with damage-tolerant materials

News International-French

6 Feb 2013

Integral construction with damage-tolerant materials has led to new economically manufacturable designs.Single shot cure cycle and reduced use of adhesive can provide up to a 20% cost savings. New core materials from Evonik with special properties meet the challenges of today’s damage tolerance and economic construction requirements.

Panel components are manufactured primarily with honeycomb construction. However, as the geometry and manufacturing processes become more complex, the structures become more vulnerable. Abundant use of core filler (600 kg / m³) and re-enforcement, in areas such as slopes, ensure that the honeycomb under pressure from autoclaving will not collapse.

High deck, quality and resulting deck location tightness is reached only in the elaborate two shot method for simple honeycomb components. If the geometry is complex, the use of additional material such as Tedlarfolien or paint application can achieve the required tightness.

Use of Rohacell foam and a single shot cure cycle meets the requirements and also delivers a 20% cost savings in production. The surface layer is water-resistant as a result of the low percentage of porosity and no free water can accumulate in the foam sandwich while in service. Surface layer delamination due to vapors or weight gain is physically impossible! In addition, the in-field repair is easier since the closed-cell foam sandwich absorbs no unnecessary repair resin.

To facilitate material changes and qualifications, Rohacell HERO was specifically engineered to meet customer specifications and provide processing advantages.

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