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Internal mold releases-including for High Tg Epoxy

News International-French

7 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 -Axel Plastics Research Laboratories will introduce several new internal mold, including new MoldWiz INT-1881, for high Tg epoxy.  The company also plans to unveil new formulations for polyurethane pultrusion, and for polyester and hybrid resin systems which incorporate high loadings of ATH.

MoldWiz INT-1881, is designed for epoxy systems including those cured with acid/anhydride, imidizole, amine or bisphenol A. The new internal mold release is specifically designed for epoxy systems that have high Tg and is suitable for all composite processes including pultrusion. Unlike many other products, INT-1881 provides, easy release without impacting Tg and cure. Maintaining Tg is especially critical in the communication, electronic and aerospace industries where high temperature and dynamic stresses are of particular concern, and MoldWiz INT-1881 has proven to be of special value in these applications.


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