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The Internet as a marketing tool in the composite industry

News International-French

6 Jun 2011

To take full advantage of the potential of new information technologies in its marketing strategy, Dutch company Lankhorst Indutech BV has created a website that is entirely devoted to its new PURE® material.

(Published on June-July 2005 – JEC Magazine #18)




Lankhorst Indutech BV specializes in the development and manufacture of industrial yarns. A few years ago, the company worked with the Technical University of Eindhoven to develop a new thermoplastic composite called PURE®.


Because the material combines recyclability with outstanding properties, we decided that it would be of interest to the automotive industry.


As the development process went on, it became apparent that there were also many other potential markets for the material.


The ballistic market is now showing an interest in the material’s properties and in our prices compared to competitive antiballistic materials.


Main characteristics....
A thermoplastic composite with outstanding properties PURE® is a 100% polypropylene thermoplastic composite material, based on co-extruded tapes and supplied as woven fabric or sheets. The material exhibits a very high E-modulus, extremely low weight, 100% recyclability, and high abrasion and impact resistance. It contains no glass fibres or any other non-thermoplastic additives and is easily thermoformed.


The Internet is an important source of new prospects for us. When people use Internet search engines to look for key words like “thermoplastic composites”, “lightweight”, “impact resistance”, and “stiffness”, or if they are looking for a material in the automotive, anti-ballistics, sports, pipes or construction market segments, they will come across PURE®.


Internet statistics help us to see how many people visit our site and how many pages they read. We can see which search words they have used to reach our site, and this helps us to understand just how people get interested in the material. These are great marketing tools. When we advertise, send an (e-)mailing or are talked about in the press, we immediately note that there is a growing interest for PURE® due to our web site.


We use our web site to inform people about the latest news, the possibilities of PURE®, and how to process it. The Internet is the medium we use the most to keep ourselves informed about the latest news in the field of composites. It helps us to find interesting companies and to get in contact with them. Without the Internet, it would be much more difficult to do this on a worldwide basis. The possibility for e-mail helps to communicate worldwide with fewer time-zone disadvantages.



E-mail speeds up the information stream and makes it easy to send drawings or digital pictures, leaving time for the parties involved to discuss more effectively and in detail the next step in the potential project.


The Internet makes communication clear. A single picture says more than 1000 words: that is one of the powerful things about it.