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Intumescent system for the production of protective carbon foam

News International-French

4 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014- Polyprocess is a French formulator of composite products such as gelcoats (ortho, Iso, Iso NPG, VE), bonding pastes and putty fillers, barrier coats, colour pastes, tooling systems (plug primers, gelcoats and one-shot resins), and halogen- and antimony-free fire-resistant systems.

Polyprocess presents its new intumescent system formulated with intumescent fillers. When exposed to flames, these fillers create a protective carbon foam, thereby limiting the spread of fire. They contain no halogens or heavy metals. The system is composed of an acrylic-modified DCPD orthophthalic resin and an Iso NPG gelcoat.

The system is classified M1 according to the NF P 92-507 standard and F1 according to the NF F 16-101 and STM-5-001 standards. It is currently under test for the European standard.

The IFR 511 resin has a low density and a high wetting power, so that it can be used easily in RTM, infusion or hand lay-up processes.

The GCIG IFR11 series gelcoat provides a high-gloss surface, much better than a standard fire-resistant GC, with excellent UV resistance for outdoor parts.

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