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Invar-type alloy – FERRYNOX N29K

News International-French

18 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Ferry Capitain has registered a patent (FR 1458657) for a new Invar-type alloy which extends the low coefficient thermal expansion (CTE) range from 250°C to 400°C. 

The alloy has been designed to be used in cast form. Presently, there are no cast tooling materials that offer the low expansion characteristics of this alloy up to 400°C with added benefits of strength and durability. 

Furthermore, the casting process enables the possibility of highly complex 3D designs, complex-shape thermoplastics manufacturing, as well as the optimization of weight and casts.

The machinability of FERRYNOX N29K is also much better than current wrought products due to its isotropic properties, and this alloy has a long life duration (most often > 10 years).

FERRYNOX N29K also allows high-rate production, and requires nearly no maintenance in service.

This technology will have a broad application range in the aerospace and automotive markets for composite thermoplastic materials.

*Invar is an IMPHY alloy registered trademark

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