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IRONJAW system boosts the clamping force of plastic injection machines

News International-French

18 May 2017

Innovation is at the heart of the IRONJAW start-up. The IRONJAW system is the first technology in the world designed to boost the clamping force of your plastic injection machines. IRONJAW is compatible with all injection moulding machines.

IRONJAW system boosts the clamping force of your plastic injection machines

IRONJAW is a locking system you attach to injection molds that immediately boosts the clamping force capabilities of injection molding machines.

The IRONJAW system has been patented and is associated to a strong know how. Five years of R&D have been necessary to ensure the efficiency of the system which has been tested in high production environments.

IRONJAW has a direct impact on costs

On Opex:

  •     Switch tools on smaller machines at a lower hourly rate
  •     Flash reduction or no flash
  •     Energy consumption
  •     Downgrade your resins (cheaper with higher viscosity)
  •     Lower maintenance

On Capex:

  •     Buy smaller new plastic injection machines
  •     Save room in factory

*ROI Average duration varies depending number of manufactured parts, number of IRONJAW kits per tool, and other factors.

The Founders are:

Bruno Machet – Founder & CEO
Bruno has extensive experience in industry (plastic injection, tooling) and management, and has worked over 17 years in the automotive industry.
Bruno is CEO of IRONJAW and leads the company operations and strategy.

Alex Guichard – Co Founder and Board Member
Alex was the founder and CEO of the well-known RocTool start-up, specialising in heating & cooling systems for plastic injection tools.
He is current CEO of Revology and is helping IRONJAW with the company’s marketing and commercial operations.