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ITA shows its textile expertise at JEC 2015 in Paris

News International-French

11 Mar 2015

The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University presents itself on three booths at this year’s JEC in Paris.

At the Innovation Center in hall 7.1 booth A4 ITA shows its knowledge and the synergies with the other RWTH institutes. Please use hall 7.2. booth A 36 for talks and discussions concerning that aspect. In hall 7.2. booth F36/G36 ITA presents its expertise and experience for and with the industry at the booth of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The main exhibit of ITA at JEC is placed on the booth F36/G36 in hall 7.2. It is called

1 - Textile composition of a fuselage

An open reed weave was used to reinforce holes and inserts. The stringers in the low range were produced via 3D weaving. The stringers in the upper range were manufactured as Tailored Non Crimp Fabrics. The frame was produced by the overbraiding technology. Many ITA technologies can be shown in the demonstrator. The textile composition of a fuselage is most interesting for aerospace and automotive. ITA demonstrates its expertise in the evaluation of technologies considering the whole process chain at its main exhibit.


Please find a brief description of some more exhibits of ITA at JEC:

2 - 3D woven omega stringer

The omega stringer can be woven in one single-step. With this technology, a high degree of automatization is possible. Additionally, mechanical properties can be improved, especially compression after delamination properties. The omega-profile was produced on a conventional shuttle narrow loom. The dependencies between loom parameters and mechanical properties have been analyzed. Additionally, economical calculations of the whole production chain have been done.

The target group – weaving mills, suppliers of automobile and the aerospace industry - will benefit of decreasing costs due to high automation and of increasing in quality.

3 - Oxide ceramic composite with braided reinforcement