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Itasa at JEC Europe: presenting highest level of customisation for composite liners

News International-French

23 Mar 2012

ITASA, manufacturer of high-quality silicon supports for use in different sectors and for varying purposes since 1974, will be in attendance at the most prestigious convention within the composite sector; due to take place between the 27th and 29th of March in Paris; as the manufacturer most capable of the greatest level of customisation of its products.

Its philosophy as a “strong team player”, impeccable reputation within its sector as a flexible, trustworthy provider, along with the accumulated knowledge it has shared with its clients over the years, has meant it has remained an industry benchmark in the sector pertaining to the manufacture of composite Release Liners, thanks to the exceptional quality of their produce.



The choice of a paper base and the consistently high quality of its silicon coverings results in products of the highest standard. ITASA provides composite liners for its clients according to the particularities of the pre-peg formation process. Ricardo Martín Ariño, Business Development Director for the composite and solar sectors, said of the company: “ITASA provides all-encompassing, customisable produce for its clients., Our products are custom-made, taking into account the composition of our produce as well as providing subsequent flexibility in terms of supply; and it is precisely for these reasons that various leading companies concerned with the manufacture of pre-impregnated materials rely on us”.



Having access to a laboratory and technical department of it’s own allows ITASA to carry out all the necessary tests in order to ensure a high quality standard in the manufacturing process of their final products. ITASA methodically undergoes evaluation of various parameters under controlled conditions, (including those such as testing of the release mechanism, durability, size, coating…) Alongside each production line, the data obtained is processed and final analysis is completed in the central laboratory, withholding samples of each reel produced, and leaving it to ITASA to ensure the reliability of the final product is upheld.



ITASA has the capability to manufacture approximately 600 million metres squared of produce annually, which, along with its installations comprising of 13,000 metres squared, makes it the perfect choice of business partner; of medium size in terms of personnel, flexible, and with an unparalleled capacity for customisation in regards to its’ products. It’s thanks to this versatility and flexibility, in a productivity sense as well as in a logistical sense, which always allows it to meet whatever the particular needs of the client may be.



ITASA is located in Andoain (Spain) and exports 80% of its manufactured produce to Europe and America. Currently, ITASA operates in all five continents, progressing particularly well in the Middle East, Asia and South America. ITASA will be in attendance at the JEC Europe convention from the 27th to the 29th of March in hall 1, stand F23.


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