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Jaguar F-Type floor panel made with lightweight bio-based composites

News International-French

23 Dec 2013

EcoTechnilin introduces FibriCard, a bio-based sandwich composite used in Jaguar F-Type automotive, at the Institute of Materials in London.

Tim Sweatman, EcoTechnilin Technical Director, presented the FibriCard lightweight composite to an enthusiastic gathering at the Institute of Materials in London. Following the team from Jaguar, with whom the company collaborated to get this advanced composite into the F-type, Tim gave an in depth view on how the state-of-the-art, bio-sourced material outperforms any other competitively priced material. 

FibriCard is a lightweight bio-based sandwich composite. Composed of FibriPreg in association with honeycomb paper core, its sandwich structure provides exceptional mechanical strength.

FibriPreg is a range of 100% natural, non-woven mats pre-impregnated with thermoset resin dedicated to hot moulding processes.

Typical resins are 100% bio-sourced, and thus, allow to offer a fully bio-based prepreg. Besides, due to the quality of our natural lightweight mat, they are also used with acrylic and other thermoset resins.

FibriPreg mats can be used to composites such as FibriBoard-TS panels, FibriCard (FibriPreg/paper honeycomb sandwich) and FibriCork (FibriPreg/Cork sandwich)... all bio-sourced.

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