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James Rigby appointed as Director of Marketing and Sales at Cargo Composites

News International-French

15 Jan 2016

The manufacturer of composite cargo containers and pallets for the air transport sector, has appointed James Rigby as its Director of Marketing and Sales.

In his new position, Rigby will push ahead with the manufacturer’s global expansion and pave the way for the further enhancement of the company’s innovative and cost effective product portfolio.

James Rigby has been associated with the air transport sector for more than 20 years. During this career, he progressed through various positions in the ground and flight operations sector before joining a major ULD management company; he then moved to Etihad Airways as its Cargo Handling Manager.

“James Rigby is in every respect an absolute expert in the ULD business. He brings with him many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of both the airline industry and the ULD sector,” says Tom Pherson, President and CEO of Cargo Composites. “With James, we’ll be able to intensify our cooperation with our customers and acquire new ones. As a result, we’ll be able to further increase our market share.”

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