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Japan developed carbon fiber UAV

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25 May 2015

UAV with a carbon fiber external struture has been developedby the Tohoku University

The picture shows the UAV in the test flight. It shows that the UAV is surrounded with carbon fiber external structure.

Recently, at "United Nations Conference on international disaster prevention" disaster prevention industry exhibition held in Sendai-shi, Japan, Tohoku University has officially unveiled and displayed the carbon fiber framework surrounded unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the University.

It is reported that in this UAV spherical body, there is a small camera carried, when the UAV encountered obstacles, although it will be bent by the impact, but it can still continue to take photos or videos.

In addition, this UAV has a diameter of only 1 meter and the fuselage is portable. The researchers expected that in the future it will be applied in inspection work in areas such as the inner side of the bridge.

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