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JCFG aims at high end carbon fiber proto filament

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2 Feb 2012

After 5000 tons of carbon fiber precursor project successfully put into production last year, Jilin chemical fiber group (JCFG) will further expand high-end carbon fiber proto filament development in 2012.

According to the Group Chairman Wang Jinjun, JCFG is committed to do a good job of carbon fiber precursor to provide excellent performance, higher grade carbon fiber products for the domestic market.

In 2012, the group plans to establish a carbon fiber production line, mainly aims at the solution of downstream product problems, adjustment and study of upstream raw proto filament products production process, grab the industry fountain origin to establish a strong competitive carbon fiber industry in China.


About Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd:

Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. is a chemical fiber production, commerce and trade, construction and installation set in one large, comprehensive enterprise group. Company covers an area of 200 hectares, the existing staff thousand names, the total assets of 7.8 billion. At present, the Group has joint-stock companies (listed in Shenzhen) and Qifeng Corporation (Hong Kong-listed) the two companies. Leading products include viscose staple fiber, viscose filament yarn, acrylic fiber, chemical fiber pulp, yarn, paper products , product quality among the forefront of the industry.



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