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JEC 2011: SGL Group exhibits innovative products made for strategic growth industries

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23 Mar 2011

At this year’s JEC trade show in Paris, SGL Group is set to present innovative, carbon fiber-based product solutions made for strategic growth industries, such as the automotive, aerospace and wind energy sectors. Exhibits will include products and applications covering the entire value chain – from the precursor, carbon fibers, woven fabrics, braided performs, and prepregs to finished structural components.

• Trade show focus: carbon fiber composites technology for the automotive industry

• JEC premiere: presentation of a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic passenger cell for a BMW prototype vehicle


Dr. Jürgen Köhler, Vice President of the Business Unit Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials: “This year’s JEC provides clear evidence of the momentum in the area of material substitution towards new, innovative materials that make significant contributions to reducing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. Carbon fiber technology plays a key role, here and not only in the automotive sector. Our joint venture with the BMW Group marks a milestone for the future of lightweight construction in the automotive industry and beyond, since carbon fiber materials are being used for the first time in large-scale production”.


As the only European-based carbon fiber producer, SGL Group has longstanding experience and expertise in fiber composite technology and acts as a reliable partner for strategic growth industries across the entire carbon fiber value chain.


To meet the increasing challenges of its customers, SGL Group is developing innovative materials that are not only light in weight but possess special material properties. This has resulted in a new generation of carbon fiber-based products, setting new standards in quality, performance, endurance and efficiency.


Premiere at JEC: carbon fiber-reinforced plastic passenger cell for a BMW prototype vehicle

At JEC 2011, SGL Group is to premiere a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic passenger cell for a BMW prototype vehicle, which will go into large-scale production in 2013. This passenger cell, known as the life module, is made entirely of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The carbon fibers and carbon fiber fabrics used are manufactured by SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers (SGL ACF), a joint venture between SGL Group and the BMW Group, at the Moses Lake (USA) and Wackersdorf sites.


SGL Group will be at JEC 2011 in Hall 1, Booths L25 and K19.



About SGL Group

SGL Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon-based products. It has a comprehensive portfolio ranging from carbon and graphite products to carbon fibers and composites. SGL Group’s core competencies are its expertise in high-temperature technology as well as its applications and engineering know-how gained over many years. These competencies enable  the Company to make full use of its broad material base. SGL Group’s carbon-based materials combine several unique properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance as well as high mechanical strength combined with low weight. Due to the paradigm shift in the use of materials as a result of the worldwide shortage of energy and raw materials, there is a growing demand for SGL Group’s high-performance materials and products from an increasing number of industries. Carbon and graphite products are used whenever other materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, wood etc. fail due to their limited properties. Products from SGL Group are used predominantly in the steel, aluminum, automotive, chemical and glass/ceramics industries. However, manufacturers in the semiconductor, battery, solar/wind energy, environmental protection, aerospace and defense industries as well as in the nuclear energy industry also figure among the Company’s customers.


With 45 production sites in Europe, North America and Asia as well as a service network covering more than 100 countries, SGL Group is a company with a global presence. In 2010, the Company’s workforce of around 6,300 generated sales of €1,382 million. The Company’s head office is located in Wiesbaden/Germany.