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JEC ASIA: The Chinese group Kangdexin very satisfied with its attendance

News International-French

7 Dec 2016

The Chinese Kangdexin Composite Material Group was one of the sponsors of the 9th edition of JEC Asia, which was held from 15 to 17 November in Singapore. A press release posted on the website of the Chinese Group highlights the conference given by one of its senior executives on the first day of the show.

JEC ASIA: The Chinese group Kangdexin very satisfied with its attendance

He Peng, Managing Director European R & D and Automotive Design Centre at Kangdexin intervened at a forum dedicated to the theme ‘Carbon Fiber in Mass Production Vehicles’. Karl-Heinz Fuller, Manager Materials, Concepts and AMGl at Daimler AG, Andreas Erber, Director Lightweight and Application Center at SGL Group and Armin Plath, Head of Materials Research and Manufacturing at Volkswagen AG also spoke at the forum.

According to the press release, He Peng, « only Asian participant at the forum, delivered a detailed presentation about the global resources of the Kangdexin Group », with an emphasis on « the efforts made by the group to create an ecological platform for industrial lightweight with the use of carbon fiber. »  This ecological platform includes « the production of carbon fiber, the large-scale production of auto parts made of carbon fiber, the R & D on new materials, new technologies and new products, the lightweight design, the design and production of molds. »  It can be « a drive for the development of the Chinese, Asian or even global carbon fiber automotive production. »

He Peng pointed out that China is the largest potential global market of new energy vehicles and carbon fiber vehicles. « The Kangdexin Group is open to all forms of cooperation and win-win partnership, says the Group, which states that there were numerous reactions by the participants from Europe and Asia (particularly Japan and Korea) to the speech of He Peng, who had in-depth exchange with them. « They were impressed by the presentation of the ecological platform and said they were ready to seize every opportunity for collaboration with the Kangdexin Group », continues the press release.

He Peng was also part of the jury of the Innovation Awards, alongside the President and CEO of JEC Group Frédérique Mutel, and professors of Technological Universities of München and Stuttgart Klaus Drechsler and Peter Middendorf. Enthusiastic after its attendance at the largest Asian exhibition of composite materials, « the Kangdexin Group is looking forward to the prospect of being exhibitor at JEC World 2017 », which will be held in Paris from 14 to 16 March.