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JEC Europe 2013: High return and spectacular glimpse at innovations

News International-French

22 Mar 2013

An successfull edition which brings markets, products and people together in an efficient and highly professional manner.


Considering the satisfaction of all professionals during the show, JEC Europe 2013 closed its doors on the evening of Thursday March 14 with a very good return. And with a new record: a snowstorm in the North of France which is rare in spring!

Cumulative Returns: about €769 million for the exhibitors’ platform

Based on the collected data, the cumulative returns from the trade show for all exhibitors may be estimated at around €769 million, or US$997 million. Around 65 useful contacts with follow-up orders are acquired on average per exhibitor, with a declared payback period of 20 months.


A fully booked surface for its 48th session

Because Hall 1 (50,000 square meters) was totally full, Hall 2 (+1,200 square meters) has been added to host conferences, meetings and restaurants. The JEC Group’s European platform reaped the benefit of the group’s global activity and was fully packed for its 48th session (JEC conference created in 1965). Thanks to the work done in Asia and North America with JEC Asia and JEC Americas, new exhibitors from America and Asia joined the Show and launched their new products.


Large scale production and Thermoplastics highlighted

JEC Europe 2013 covered the sector’s major topics: mass production, thermoplastics, smart composites with embedded sensors, new applications, the environment, and recycling.


Automotive: star of the year 2013!

This year, the automotive supply chain was front and center! There were numerous demonstrations that suppliers are perfectly able to keep up with the output demanded by the automotive industry, and 70% of the parts shown in the Exhibit Area were related to automotive transportation.


JEC Europe will expand considerably in 2014 in surface (+8%)

Given the demand and the fact that JEC Europe already entirely fills Hall 1, JEC Group has decided to increase the surface area of the trade show significantly for 2014. So next year, JEC Europe will take place in Halls 7.2 and 7.3 of the Porte de Versailles fairgrounds, with a total surface area of 54,000 square meters – equivalent to eight World Cup soccer fields!


A steadily growing market

It is estimated that the composites market will grow at an average annual global rate of 6%, to reach a value of about €90 billion and a volume of 10 million metric tons by 2015 (compared to €80 billion and 9.2 million MT in 2012).


Creation of a JEC Group Asian Office

In May 2013, JEC Group will open an office with permanent staff in Singapore to support and facilitate the development of its activity in Asia Pacific.


Signature of a MoU between JEC Group and TUM (Technical University of Munchen)

The 2 organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding stating their interest for the Asian market. They will partner to offer a strong program of conferences during the next JEC Asia 2013 in Singapore.