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Jiangsu brewing the establishment of FRTP industry alliance

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30 Apr 2012

According to Nanjing Figerglass Research & Design Institute (NFRDI), Jiangsu province is considering to establish fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastics (FRTP) industry alliance, seeks to promote the process of FRTP key technology R&D and industrialization.

NFRDI Dean Zhao Qian told reporters, FRTP is a new type of lightweight materials, which has excellent performance such as designable, low density, high specific strength, high specific modulus and strong impact resistance and other characteristics, in recent years, the growth rate is more than 30%, far higher than the fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics (FRSP) 11% growth rate. During "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's transportation, aviation, aerospace and new energy industry's rapid development, the FRTP demand is strong in these areas. According to reports, in 2015 China's FRTP production will reach 2.3 million tons, accounting for 38% of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP).


According to Mr. Zhao Qian, FRTP production research and development related to the upstream and downstream industry chain, the effective interaction and cooperation is very important. One of the important experiences of the overseas FRTP development success is to organize the whole industrial chain related units to tackle key problem jointly. He points out, China wants to make breakthroughs in this respect should learn from advanced international experience organize an industry alliance to accelerate the process of technical innovation and industrialization. It is reported, at present, there are already 9 companies have became the first union members, there are two colleges and 7 high-tech enterprises, covering different parts of the chain such as materials, equipment, processing industries.


In recent years, China's FRTP developed very fast, but the FRTP in FRP ratio is only 28%, lower than the 40% of the international scale. At the same time, China's FRTP products processing technology mainly is injection, only a small amount of pressing molding process, while foreign companies have technologies covering injection, compression molding, pultrusion, winding and closing mould, low pressure molding and other technologies, allow them to produce larger structure, and expand the application range of FRTP products.


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