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Jiangsu province first aerospace grade carbon fiber inspection

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11 Jun 2012

Recently, Jiangsu Province High Performance Fiber Testing Center (Center) passed through Shanghai Composite Materials Science & Technology Ltd (SCMST) service supplier evaluation system assessment. Center has become SCMST's first designated inspection agency for its aerospace composite materials carbon fiber products.

This is the first time for the center to assume such level of carbon fiber inspection task.


SCMST is a Chinese military industry enterprise specialized in aerospace composite materials components research, development and production. SCMST's carbon fiber composite materials products have been widely used in all kinds of aerospace products in China.


The carbon fibers SCMST used are mainly imported from the United States, Japan, and Chinese Taiwan region. Those materials are high-quality carbon fibers with complex product categories that require high inspection technology.


In order to pass SCMST’s strict evaluation procedures of the supplier evaluation system, Center has established a technology group to tackle key problems. Center has strengthened the technical staff of the inspection ability training and initiated special research on tghe foreign carbon fiber product standards and technical indexes.


In the testing to a number of blind sample provided by SCMST, the testing data center issued by Center has fully meet the technical requirements in comparison to the domestic and foreign correlation inspection mechanism.


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