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Jilin city invested 31.7 million US$ to build a carbon fiber R&D public project

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3 Jun 2013

Jilin City will build a carbon fiber public R&D application service platform with China advanced scientific research ability that further transforms Jilin City to be the “China carbon valley”.

Recently, the carbon fiber public application service platform project groundbreaking ceremony was held in Jilin Economic Development Zone.

The project has a planned area of 33 200 m², construction area of 41 600 m², and a total investment of 190 million Yuan (US$ 31.7 million). The project will be divided into three construction phases and is expected to be completed in 2015.

The platform will be built to integrate the functions of product display, information sharing, business incubator, financing, and services. It can also carry out the small scale laboratory tests for high performance carbon fiber as well as the related R&D works.

Jilin Economic Development Zone is China only national carbon fiber high-tech industrialization zone. Its carbon fiber industry development trend in scale, cluster, and chain is very rapid. It is expected to 2015, Jilin Economic Development Zone carbon fiber production will account for nearly half of the country’s total.

Jilin region is the carbon fiber industry base. It plays a decisive role in China's future carbon fiber industry development. The construction of platform can make a good combination with the local resource advantages. The platform can provide support to the efficient carbon fiber research and development hence to reduce the cost of innovation.

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