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Jilin present carbon fiber companies projects

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11 Sep 2012

Jilin enterprises are accelerating the pace of research and development. They want strive to expand their carbon fiber product in varieties and productivities.

Jilin City Xing Yun Trade Co., Ltd transfers and adjusts its business structure in the carbon fiber centric development model.


Xin Yun and a Hong Kong Company jointly invested $112 million USD to start the construction of carbon fiber carbonization and products center. At present, the project preliminary work has been in full swing.


The world is in advocate of automobiles lightweight. This trend provides a full extension of the chemical products used. The applications include automotive interior products and composite materials.


Jilin Province automotive industry plans to achieve an annual output of 4000000 automobiles production capacity. This demand alone is very big. Carbon fiber has a broad application space in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries. With this project, Xing Yun wants to contribute in those areas.


There are carbon fiber projects from other companies in Jilin. Hui Neng annual output of 50000 square meters of carbon fiber electric heating membrane project has been put into production just recently.


As well as, Jin Hui $19 million USD investment carbon fiber project has also been underway. This project will have an annual capacity of 8000 tons of carbon fiber SMC, 2 million square meters of carbon fiber prepreg cloth, and 2 million molded carbon fiber products.


Tian Jiu Group annual 10 tons carbon fiber core wire and lightweight automobile project will start in the second half of this year, and it is scheduled to produce product samples by the end of 2012.



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