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Ji'nan's first carbon fiber composite core cable wire installed

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4 Dec 2012

The conventional steel core cable has been replaced by a carbon fiber composite core materials cable wire.

In Ji'nan 110KV Liu Chang Shan Road West Extension line project, the conventional steel core cable has been replaced by a carbon fiber composite core materials cable wire. This was the first time for the Ji’nan power grid to apply this new material cable wire.


This kind of wire has straight appearance with very little change in verticality and bigger transmission capacity. It also can effectively alleviate the ice hanging problem as it will radiate heat during conduction.


Shangdong LUFA Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd production manager Wang Yongwei said that the overall weight of this carbon fiber core wire is 1/5 lighter than the steel core wire and the transmission capacity has reached several times of the conventional wire.


In addition, because the wire can generate a certain temperature after it has been energized, thus solves the problems of snow accumulation and ice forming on the cable.


Product characteristics:

  1. High strength. Carbon fiber core wire rod tensile strength can reach 2600Mpa, more suitable for large span.
  2. Light weight. Carbon fiber composite core material specific gravity is about 1/5 that of the steel cable. In the same outer diameter, carbon fiber core wire is 10 to 20% lighter than the conventional steel core aluminum stranded conductor ACSR.
  3. High elastic modulus, small linear expansion coefficient, Small sag, Carbon fiber core wire has obvious low sag characteristics in comparison with ACSR wire which improves the wire running safety and reliability.
  4. Small wire loss, large carrying capacity, It can reduce the transmission loss of about 6%. This enhances and improves the safety and reliability of the transmission lines at the same time improved transmission capacity.
  5. Corrosion resistance, long service life, carbon fiber composite materials is more stable in the environment of acid, alkali, salt, and ultraviolet erosion, and also avoid the electrochemical corrosion between the aluminum wire and galvanized steel wire during the electric conduction, solved the aluminum conductor aging problem during the long-term operation.
  6. Reduced the line reconstruction cost.


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