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Jiuhua Time officially put into operation

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19 Nov 2014

Recently, Xiangtan Jiuhua Time Wind Power Co., Ltd. (Jiuhua Time) has formally put into production. This company is expected to achieve an operating income of 250 million Yuan (US$ 40.68 million) this year.

Jiuhua Time is a long-term supplier of South Rail Time New Materials Co. Zhuzhou, Ltd. Since 2006, Zhuzhou South Rail began to enter the wind power equipment manufacturing field, Jiuhua Time has undertaken all the R&D and production work for CSR wind turbine blade. The company has supporting R&D and manufacturing bases in Hunan, Jiangxi, and Tianjin etc…

The wind turbine blade is a thin shell structure made of composite materials. Generally speaking, it is composed by three components including the root, the shell, and the reinforced rib or the girder. The composite materials generally accounted for more than 90% the weight in the entire wind power blades.

This year, Jiuhua Time wind power base will complete 280 sets of different specifications wind power blades of the length between 51.5 meters to 56.5 meters. The market of Jiuhua Time has crossed throughout Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi, and other provinces. Person in charge of the company is expected to achieve operating income 250 million Yuan (US$ 40.68 million) this year. After the project reached the designed production capacity, it can realize an annual sales income of 700 million Yuan (US$ 113.89 million).

The company responsible person said that Jiuhua Time wind power will build a wind turbine blade mold design, process drawing, and technical innovation, new blade production platform through the implementation of the industrial scale operation, enterprise management, and manufacturing technology of refined and other means. The company will closely follow the international wind power industry development, improve the technological level of wind power industry and independent R&D capability, committed to become the most excellent wind power equipment manufacturing supplier with the industrial core technology.

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