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Jiuxin 10000 tons continuous basalt fiber and products project started construction

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4 Sep 2013

Recently, Jilin Jiuxin has held a contraction inauguration ceremony for its annual output of 10000 tons continuous basalt fiber and products project.

The project is located in the Huinan Economic Development Zone of Jilin province that covers an area of 124 480 square meters with a building area of 91 641.52 square meters.

The project has a planned investment of 601.58 million Yuan (US$ 100.28 million). It will construct 6 production lines including 4 precursor production lines, 1 composite bar production line, and 1 yarn blanket production line. The overall annual total production capacity of continuous basalt fiber and its products is 10000 tons.

After the completion of the project, it is expected to have an annual sales income of 44.59 million Yuan (US$ 7.43 million) with a profit of 11.88 million Yuan (US$ 1.98 million).

The project construction is planned to end in October 2015.

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