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Jizhou to build composite materials recycling line

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10 Jan 2014

Recently the industrial waste composite materials recycling production line has started construction in Jizhou City for a total investment of 150 million Yuan (US$ 25 million).

The project is carried out by Hebei KNT Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.

The first phase project has an investment of 60 million Yuan (US$ 10 million) that covers an area of 65000 square meters. The automatic production line of the phase one project has an annual processing capacity of more than 6000 tons waste composite materials with an output value of 160 million Yuan (US$ 26.67 million).

The composite materials industry is one of the characteristic industries in Jizhou city. They have been widely used in construction, transportation, petrochemical, electricity and electronics, defense industry, new energy and other key areas. However, a lot of wasted FRP materials disposal without recycling has become a major pollution source to the environment.

This project will use the process method of high temperature heating cracking and low temperature catalytic separation. The solid waste after the completion of treatment can be used as the filler for the production of tiles, or hollow bricks.

The glass fiber can be used for functional parts again, or it can also be used as high-temperature ground milled fiber. Resin generated through the catalytic cracking can be used as the heavy oil fuel and also can be further processed and refined to produce chemical raw materials. This recycling line can realize the complete reuse of waste. There is no exhaust emission treatment process and it will not cause secondary pollution.

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