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Johns Manville presents innovative nonwovens

News International-French

19 Apr 2013

Johns Manville, manufacturer of Evalith glass and  polyester fiber nonwovens, will  introduce the “JM Path of Innovation” at Techtextil show in Frankfurt.

As a novelty, JM will present an innovative nonwoven with a special coating for digital and direct printing, suited as a decorative and reinforcement layer for thin and light wood based materials.
Self-reinforcing polyester spunbonds and also glass/polymer hybrid nonwovens for applications in thermoplastic composites used in mold constructions as well as materials with flame retarding or antimicrobial properties for the automotive, filtration or construction sector will also be exhibited.

One of focal points will be honeycomb structures made of pressed nonwovens which evidence excellent acoustic properties in light constructions. JM will also exhibit hybrid nonwovens for flooring, wall and ceiling applications demanding a high degree of smooth and even surfaces and display outstandinghaptics.
Binder-free, non-flammable glass fiber needled mats by JMdistinguish themselves with their temperature resistance of up to 500°C and will also be presented, along with the latest nonwoven developments for air liquid filtration – a segment where JM is one of the leading suppliers.

It is with special pride that JM is exhibiting a non-flammable A2 rated material composite developed in cooperation with a customer and intended for use as a decorative board for ventilated curtain facades. Last but not least, the Johns Manville e-Commerce portal introduced in 2013 will be presented to a broad audience for the first time.


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