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Join us for live demonstrations including 3D printing and electrospinning of nanofibers

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23 Apr 2014

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Alabama at Birmingham will showcase live demonstrations on JEC Americas 2014 in Atlanta.

Additive manufacturing with reinforced thermoplastics by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory will showcase an interactive demonstration stage on the exhibit floor, modeling 3D printable object “live” and sharing tips with attendees.
Additive manufacturing has been gaining popularity in the recent years leading to the use and development of new materials. The focus of this 3D printing demo-live will be the improvement of part properties in fused deposition modeling by incorporation of second phase reinforcements.

Live demos by the Materials Processing and Applications Development Center of University of Alabama at Birmingham
Photo credits: NeotherixThe University of Alabama at Birmingham will display an electro spinning station which can show spinning of nano-fibers from different solutions. These have applications in medical use, tissue engineering and for nonwoven mats.
The live demos will feature:

  • Electrospinning of nanofibers from precursors such as PLA, PAN and other custom solutions. These discussions will include nanofibers in applications such as tissue engineering, high efficiency filtration, emission reduction and structural use
  • Izod impact of plastics and composites because industry needs to evaluate the resistance to impact of materials
  • Taber wear testing for corrosion and wear of FRP pipes and structures

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Photo credits: Neotherix