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A jointless steel fiber-reinforced composite flooring system

News International-French

13 Aug 2015

Gresser Companies, a full-service concrete and masonry contractor, signed a license agreement with Rabine Group/Primekss of Chicago to provide PrimeComposite, a jointless, steel fiber-reinforced, composite flooring system.

The company is currently licensed to engineer and install PrimeComposite flooring in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, northern Iowa and western Wisconsin, with potential future geographic expansion.

Stronger, yet up to 60 percent thinner than traditional reinforced concrete floors, PrimeComposite flooring is jointless and has virtually no shrinkage or cracking. These characteristics make this composite flooring system ideal for distribution centers, food processing plants, automotive and aerospace manufacturing and other facilities benefitting from jointless floors.

Concrete dries from the top down resulting in curling at the joints and around the perimeter. This can cause the slab to loose contact with the base material, making it susceptible to fracture. Curling also increases maintenance and repair costs of forklifts, other equipment and the slab. In warehouses, forklifts crossing the step in elevation often results in the forks scraping the floorand jarring impacts. High-reach stackers operate with decreased accuracy and need more maintenance, impacting productivity. Also, storage rack position needs to be planned around uneven flooring at the joints.

Each PrimeComposite floor is specifically engineered to exceed load requirements of the specific floor by Gresser’s experienced engineering team. The PrimeComposite floor is virtually maintenance free and has a significantly longer life cycle than conventionalconcrete slab floors. The no-curl, no-control joint properties reduce equipment maintenance costs, increase material handling productivity and allow storage racks to be placed and moved wherever needed—creating complete design flexibility compared with traditional concrete.

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