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Ju Teng and Roctool sign two new agreements

News International-French

27 Jun 2014

The company, specialized in the design and development of technologies for rapid molding of composite and plastic injection, and Ju Teng International , a leading provider of 3C (computers, communication and electronic devices), announce the signature of two new production licenses.

Two new production license agreements
After significant investments in 2013 for setting up their new composite factory (one of the world’s largest, with about one hundred production lines equipped with RocTool technology), Ju Teng purchased two new 3iTech production licenses, one for the manufacturing of touch tablet parts and the other for laptop/notebook manufacturing.

After signing the first license agreement with RocTool for smartphones, Ju Teng acquires two new licenses for their main markets, offering innovative solutions to electronic manufacturers such as, increasing manufacturing speed and product’s surface quality and decreasing products thickness as well as weight.

Ambitious targets in the electronic market
With the signing of these two new agreements, RocTool and Ju Teng state their growth targets in the key markets of tablets and notebook/laptops, of which the number of units manufactured is expected to exceed 470 million in 2014. The two companies confirm their engagement towards a medium-long term cooperation in the fast growing electronic market.

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