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Ju Teng opens a composite factory to produce smartphone and tactile tablet covers

News International-French

4 Feb 2014

The Taiwanese provider of 3C (computers, communication and electronic devices) is indeed equipped with RocTool’s rapid molding technologies and has invested in over a hundred assembly lines to increase production rates and therefore.

Ju Teng already manufactured over a million smartphone parts in the last quarter of 2013 with RocTool’s technologies.

The parts are manufactured using composite materials with thermoplastic resins and reinforced with fiber glass, carbon fiber or other supports. The composite mechanical caracteristics adapted to impact resistance can allow producing of parts less than 0.5mm thick.

RocTool technologies heat the molds by induction in seconds, which dramatically reduces production time and allows the production of composite parts with optimum surface quality. 

The Taiwanese group has invested more than $10 million (USD) in China, to construct a building that can house more than a hundred RocTool fitted production lines, as well as machines for cutting and finalizing of the parts. Ju Teng has developed significant production capacity in China and this partnership is targeting new markets for prestigious brands on their very high volume mass production programs.

To meet the demand of their Asian customers, RocTool has in turn, created a subsidiary in Taiwan and invested in a development center in Taichung equipped for rapid prototyping and technical customer support.

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