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Jushi announced expansion plan on global scale at JEC

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13 Mar 2015

Jushi Group through its Global Marketing Director, Mr. William Woo announced during a meeting at JEC Europe on the 11th of March 2015 that Jushi plans to increase the capacities of its plant in Egypt and to build a new plant in North America.

Jushi, a producer of glass fbers, will focus on the globalization of its business. Jushi became one of the global market leader within 15 years with sales of 32,000 tons in 2000 achieving 1,050,000 tons in 2014. Jushi owns 3 glass fibre production facilities in China (including one of the biggest glass fibre production plant in the world in Tongxiang, near Shanghai, with a capacitie of 600,000 tons. The city is also the site of the headquarters of Jushi) and one plant in Egypt operational since Q4 2013. Sales of Jushi are roughly of 60% in China and 40% outside China. Jushi wants to globalize its footprint.

Jushi announced during JEC Europe the Phase 2 for its Egyptian site located near Suez and about 1.5 hour drive to Cairo. The phase 2 construction has already started and should be operational in Q1 2016 adding 80,000 tons of capacities to the already existing 80,000 tons. A phase 3 is also planned for this plant with the addition of 40,000 tons of special glass capacities for 2017. The plant with 3 furnaces will then have a total capacities of 200,000 tons. The Egyptian plant is mainly dedicated to the European market and especially on thermoplastics.

Jushi also announced the construction of its first glass fibre plant in North America. The plant is under construction in Richland, South Carolina, USA. This new site should be similar to the one in Egygt and its first phase features a 80,000 tons furnace which would be operational in Q1 2017. Targeted composites for this plant are both thermoplastics and thermosets.

About Jushi:
Jushi Group is a fiberglass manufacturer and  has attained a leadership position in the global fiberglass industry in terms of output, technology, market and profit. The Group is a China National Key High Technology Enterprise, a National Innovative Pilot Enterprises, a China Top 500 Most Competitive Large Business Group and a Backbone Enterprise and a Green Plant of Zhejiang Province.  The company has a National-Level Enterprise Technology Center and operates a distinguished Post-Doctoral program.

Jushi Group presently has total assets of 17.8 billion yuan, 8,000 employees and a production capacity of over one million ton fiberglass. The company has four fiberglass production bases with three domestic bases in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, Jiujiang,  Jiangxi Province and Chengdu, Sichuan Province respectively , and one overseas base in Egypt,  and has established a number of overseas production and trading subsidiaries in South Africa, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, India, Singapore, Japan, USA and Hong Kong.

Jushi Group always adheres to its fundamental Management principles: “Apply science and technology for development, build the brand name to expand market share, Emphasize management to improve efficiency and employ talented people to enable future growth”. The company owns proprietary, world-class core technologies for large E-glass fiber furnaces, C-glass fiber furnaces and high-strength glass fiber production. The company has established a global  marketing network and achieved certifications to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO12001 and ISO17025, which has laid the solid basis for the company to grow strong and big.

Jushi Group produces E-glass and C-glass fiberglass products and the most complete range of reinforcement fiberglass products including rovings, chopped strands, stitched combo mats and chopped strand mats, powder and emulsion chopped strand mats, woven rovings and electrical yarn and fabrics in over 100 product categories and  over 1,000 specifications. The products are sold in 30 provinces in China and exported to over 100 countries with an export volume accounting for 50% of the total sales. Its testing center has been certified by China National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (CNAS) . The fiberglass rovings and chopped strand mats under the “Jushi” brand have been approved as “China Top Brand” products and the trademark “Jushi” has been recognized as “China Famous Trademark”.  The principal products of Jushi Group have been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and American FDA.

The fiberglass products of Jushi Group have wide applications. As functional or structural materials, they can be used to manufacture FRP profiles, pipes, pressure vessels, chemical tanks, sanitary apparatus, electric equipment, environment protection equipment, wind energy equipment,  boat hulls, automobile parts and sports equipment, to name a few.  The electronic yarn can be used to manufacture PCB and is a basic material for the information processing industry.

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