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Jushi will present all its glass fibre portofolio

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

The Chines glass fiber specialist will present its entire portofolio of fibers with bespoke solutions both for Thermosets and thermoplastics.

Chopped Booths for Thermoplastic are based on silane coupling agent and special sizing formulation, compatible with PA,PBT/PET, PP, AS/ABS, PC, PPS, m-PPO,POM, LCP.


Chopped Booths for thermoplastic offers the features of excellent strand integrity and flowability, superior processing property, delivering excellent mechanical property and high surface quality to its finished product.


Chopped Strands for BMC are compatible with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resins. The end-user applications include transportation, building & construction, electronic & electrical, chemical, light industry etc.


Roving for Thermoplastics is ideal reinforcement materials, coated with a silane-based sizing and compatible with PA, PBT/PET, PP, ABS, AS and PC resins. The roving is suited in the extrusion and injection Process, and delivers properties of excellent dispersion, superior processing efficiency and mechanical properties in composite products.


Roving for LFT is based on silane coupling agent and special sizing formulation, compatible with PP, PA, TPU etc.


Roving for GMT is treated with a special sizing and compatible with modified PP resin. It features moderate fiber stiffness, excellent ribbonization and dispersion in resin, excellent mechanical and electrical properties.


Roving for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic is compatible with modified PA, PBT, PET, TPU and ABS resins, and has excellent mechanical properties.

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