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Kane Ace MX - Tougheners for thermosets

News International-French

3 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - Kane Ace MX is Kaneka's novel core shell rubber (CSR) toughening agent for thermosetting resins.

It is a predispersed CSR masterbatch which enhances the physical properties of the resins through optimal dispersion of core shell particles.

This revolutionary liquid impact modifier achieves highly improved strength, improved fracture toughness and endurance without losing the heat resistant characteristics such as glass transition temperature (Tg) of original systems. The Kane Ace MX is used for composite, adhesive, coating, casting and other applications.

The company has developed a grade “MX-170”, which can improve fracture toughness while maintaining not only Tg but also flexural modulus and transparency of epoxy systems. MX-170 is the most suitable toughening agent for composite applications which need high modulus and good appearance (transparency).

Kanela's product lines are suitable for unsaturated polyester resin (UPE), vinyl ester resin (VER) and polyurethane system. The new grade for UP/VER can improve toughness and mitigate crack problems during the processing which come from brittleness of UPE and VER, and grade for PU can boost toughness of polyurethane without depression of thermal properties.

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