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Kanfit Ltd. offers non-destructive test ultrasonic inspection for aerospace customers

News International-French

8 Dec 2016

Kanfit Ltd. announced today that as part of its strategy to provide turnkey, one stop shop services, it now offers in-house Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) and ultrasonic inspections for the detection of defects and irregularities on composite components.

Kanfit is a leading  manufacturer of primary and detailed parts, subassemblies and ready to mount assemblies made from composite and metals for aerospace and medical device applications. The addition of Non-Destructive Test services to its expert engineering and manufacturing capabilities will help support production processes, the reduction of costs and lead times, as well as quality control. After a comprehensive assessment of customer needs, Kanfit made a decision to purchase two Olympus instruments for its NDT laboratory – an EPOCH 650 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for laminated structures and a BondMaster 600 for nondestructive bond testing for sandwich structures. Following 18 months of intensive and rigorous training, Kanfit operators were Level II certified and has hired a Level III expert who will be responsible for determining inspection procedures.

"This is another step in solidifying our position as a leading one-stop-shop, A to Z solution provider meeting the highest international standards for our aerospace customers," explained Kanfit General Manager Shai Fine. "By offering NDT and UI services, there is no longer a need to send the parts and structures we manufacture to a third party to be tested – a costly and time consuming process. Kanfit will be more effective in ensuring that its products are reliable and safe."

Kanfit provides a wide-range of high quality services to the aerospace industry, including designing, manufacturing and testing products. In addition to non-destructive tests, Kanfit maintains fully equipped laboratories for conducting mechanical, physical and chemical tests on composite and metal products manufactured by the company.