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Kangde Composites invests in electric cars “Made in China”

News International-French

17 Feb 2016

Cannon is proud to announce that it has been awarded of a very significant order from the Chinese company Kangde Composites Co. Ltd. for high volume production of Carbon fibre based Composite parts made with HP­RTM (High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding) technology.

The project is finalized to the production of lightweight Composite parts for new electric cars to be made in China. A government program, aimed at the reduction of gas emissions from the transportation sector, plans for the manufacture of five million electric cars by 2020.

Kangde Composites Co. Ltd., a member of the Kangde Investment Group – producers of film laminates for packaging, optical industry and decorations – is going to invest in technology and equipment to manufacture the wide range of CFRC (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites) parts required to provide the necessary energy efficiency to these cars.

The contract is covering a whole range of technologies and equipment :

  • Carbon fibre stacks production (with a dedicated nesting software to optimize Carbon fibre yield and minimize handling)
  • Carbon fibre stacks preforming system
  • HP‐RTM(High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding) and LLD (Liquid Lay Down) production cells.

Delivery and installation of the large Cannon HP‐RTM moulding plant is foreseen within 2016.