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Kangde Xin establish two research centers in Germany

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27 May 2015

Jiangsu Kangde Xin Composite Co., Ltd and the Roding Automobile GmbH have recently signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The two sides agreed to set up a joint venture research center --- Kangde XinRoding Automobile Design Center. The design center plans to be based in the city of Munich, Germany. The goals for the establishment of this research center is to build an international leading level solution design center for automobile lightweight movement.

The main contents of the memorandum:

  1. The two sides agreed to set up a joint venture research center --- Kangde XinRoding Automobile Design Center;
  2. Roding will give full play to the talent, technology, production and processing as well as the local government resources advantages to give full support durihng the establishment of the design center and the project design;
  3. The Kangde Xin will actively carry out market development and project development through close cooperation with the Chinese large domestic automobile factory market resources that Kangde Xin has developed during the execution of its carbon fiber composite projects;
  4. Both sides will work together to assist the China automotive lightweight design and carbon fiber composite bodywork industrialization level to make it reaching the international advanced level;
  5. Kangde Xin will be the only partner in automotive lightweight field for Roding in the Chinese market (including Hong Kong and Macao) for its carbon fiber composite materials;
  6. The cooperation period will be three years;
  7. The two sides will sign an agreement soon, and complete the review of relevant legal documents, to promote the establishment of the joint venture.

In addition, Kang Xin has also announced on the same day, that the company will cooperate with the Service Corporation of German Munich Technical University carbon fiber composite material and technology research center to establish a joint venture research center --- Kangde Xin Europe composite materials research center Munich Germany. The partners of this joint venture will assist Kang Dexin to establish a carbon fiber composite material parts factory, and provide technical support in China.

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