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Katcon acquires exclusive license for composite automotive body parts from Magna Steyr

News International-French

12 Jan 2016

With effect of January 2016, the Mexican-based automotive specialist Katcon and Magna, a brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner to automakers, signed a 10-year-agreement regarding the exclusive license of Magna´s Crush Core Wetpressing technology for class- A-surface for the mass-production of automotive body parts in Europe and the Americas.

Magna has developed this technology based on polyurethane and paper honeycomb core together with two partnering companies, Hennecke and Rühl Puromer, with the aim to achieve cost-efficient and competitive lightweight series-production for class A surface. It is a direct process, out-of-tool and ready-to-paint and includes the tool and equipment engineering. Sandwich components manufactured with the Crush Core Wetpressing Technology are up to 70% lighter than traditional parts made in steel or even aluminium and offer functional integration advantages like acoustic isolation or design freedom at vehicles front side. Further advantages are integration of passive pedestrian protection for head impact as well as protection of upper and lower leg.

The Class-A surface is demonstrated in perfection with the bonnet part. With its 7,2 kg, it weighs 1/3 of the steel solution, and has fewer parts. The technology is furthermore appropriate for external body panels or other semi-structural parts like tailgates, hang-on parts, floor panels or doors or even other industrial applications.

Katcon, an innovative global Automotive Tier 1 for exhaust systems, established in 1993, has made a multi-million Euro investment in composites with machinery from Hennecke, Engel, CMS and others to scale-up their production site in Poland and Mexico for large series production of high-class composite parts, RTM and Thermoplastic Applications.

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