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Kawasaki delivered CRFP rail truck to Kumanmoto-ken railways

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14 Apr 2014

The first CFRP reinforced railway truck developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been delivered to Kumamoto-ken railways recently.

During the June 2013, Kawasaki has developed the world's first rail truck, efWING with the main frame structure made of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites (CFRP) that was a new generation of railway truck.

efWING is expected to be delivered to Kumamoto-ken central electric railway. The empirical work has begun in the mid of January. The efWING used CFRP to replace the steel as the main construction materials. CFRP truck frame has the hanging function, thereby eliminating the need for coil spring.

As CFRP truck integrated truck frame and coil spring function so that it simplified the structure and thus achieved lightweight. Truck frame weight is reduced about 40% than the original frame. Allegedly every truck only weighs about 900kg. The operating costs will be reduced with the fuel efficiency improvements, and the emission of carbon dioxide will be reduced as well.

In addition, the new CFRP efWING truck has a characteristic of comprehensive balanced design of integration of Kansei Engineering, functional performance, appearance, and cost.

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