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Kawasaki developed CFRP frame railway vehicle trolley with suspension function

News International-French

6 Aug 2013

Recently, Kawasaki has developed efWING, a new generation of railway vehicle trolley with frame main structural material made of CFRP.

The trolley developed by Kawasaki used CFRP to replace conventional steel as the major structural material.

CFRP trolley combined trolley frame and coil spring in one, thus it achieved lightweight and structural simplification. It's weight has been reduced by about 40% than the original one in steel to reach approximately 900kg.

As part of practical exploration, in Association of American Railroads Transportation Technology Center (TTCI), efWING has implemented around 4500km of driving test, and completed the basic performance and driving safety performance confirmation.

The test shows that the arcuate CFRP trolley frame with suspension function can stabilize the force from each of the wheels applied to the rail track.

This result has shown that the CFRP trolley can improve the ride comfort, and at the same time, it also can reduce the wheel weight unbalance caused by the uneven tracks (the phenomenon of the vertical load reduction transmitted from wheel to track, which is one of the reasons for derailment) by more than half.

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