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The Korea Economic Daily highlights JEC Conferences in Asia

News International-French

12 Feb 2013

Following the press conference of Mme Frédérique Mutel, President and CEO of JEC Group on January 31, 2013, the Korea Economic Daily release an article in its media.

“From production to machining of composite materials, everything is possible in Korea," said Frédérique Mutel, President and CEO of JEC Group.

"Korea has a huge growth potential in the composites market in Asia. And so much more it offers high capacity continuous flow production to realize all processes from raw materials production to final machining. “

Frédérique Mutel (photo), President and CEO of JEC Composites, visited Korea last month on the occasion of the information meeting on JEC Asia - International Conference on Composite Materials which will be held this year in June in Singapore. She said, “Korea is one of the few countries in Asia to offer a value chain that can perform all the processes required for the production of composite materials.” The composite material, which is obtained by mixing two or more kinds of fibers or other components, is the next generation of material having a structure stronger than its original components. Lightweight, strong and rust, it helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Frédérique Mutel President lay stressed on the growing market for composites in Asia, especially in Korea. She insisted on the fact that Korea has both an important R&D capacity to develop the whole composites process R&D, and an effective system for the dissemination and sharing of research results to the companies concerned.

This news is translated from the The Korea Economic Daily.

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