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Korean Air become 737 MAX core components supplier

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20 Dec 2013

Korean Air has announced that the company will manufacture the wing core parts for Boeing 737 MAX model aircraft.

B737 MAX aircraft was released in 2011. It is expected to be officially delivered in 2017, which is an important part of the new series Boeing launched. B737 MAX is characterized with high fuel efficiency and is equipped with the unique shaped winglet. The winglet will be installed on B737 MAX 3 meters long wings that can play a role to increase the wing length, reduce the resistance, and improve the fuel efficiency by 1.5%.

The welding technology is not allowed between B737 MAX aircraft winglet sheath and the internal skeleton structure so the integration forming process is required. It requires the most sophisticated manufacturing ability of the suppliers. According to the contract, from 2015 to 2022, Korean Air will make about 1200 pieces of B737 MAX winglets for Boeing.

Earlier, Korean Air had participated in B787 rare structure parts and the wing tip of tilt wing, A350 cargo hatch, A320 shark fin winglets and other advanced composite parts. The signing of the contract this time, once again highlights the Korean Air has the leading position in aviation composite materials manufacturing field.

At present, Korean Air has involved in major parts of all Boeing civil aircraft, such as the wing end devices for B747, B777, B787, wing structure B737, B747, B777, B787, and wind end devices of B767, B787 etc…

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