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Kraibon makes FRPs lighter, quieter and more economical

News International-French

23 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Kraiburg developed Kraibon for industrial lightweight construction.

FRPs are in line with the market trend: their excellent stability-to-weight ratio makes them indispensable in motor sports, aeronautics and large series production, e.g. in mass transport and automotive applications. However, in addition to costs, various other obstacles associated with the nature of the material itself need to be overcome, such as acoustic properties, fragmentation or impact behaviour.

To avoid these disadvantages, Kraiburg developed Kraibon for industrial lightweight construction. This material consists of non-cross-linked rubber foils, which can be directly integrated into existing manufacturing processes. It can be processed like prepregs, or pre-impregnated composite fibres. In the joint hardening process, it produces an excellent bond with fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP, GFRP, SMC, etc.) and with metals. Thus, Kraibon offers high innovation potential for manufacturers when it comes to weight reduction, sound characteristics, damping properties, impact resistance and splintering ability.

The thin layer of rubber also enables a new level of quality in hybrid combinations of materials, such as metal and carbon, where it functions as a “glue” between the two materials, while compensating for their different expansion properties and therefore offering excellent adhesion on both sides. The new final product based on Kraibon is a truly flexible material with huge potential: efficient, innovative and competitive.

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