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Kraibon successfully certified in accordance with fire safety standard EN45545

News International-French

24 Mar 2015

Kraibon, highly innovative elastomers for composite applications, are developed as the basis for use in rail traffic and the aerospace industry.

Mass passenger transport systems require a very high degree of fire safety. With the entry into force of the new standardized European  standard for rail vehicles EN45545, the requirements have become substantially more stringent in comparison with DIN5510. With respect to  elastomers it is not easy to meet these higher standards. The Gummiwerk Kraiburg has responded to the challenge by developing a Kraibon type that fulfills the requirements of the highest level. DB Systemtechnik Brandenburg tested this Kraibon compound and awarded it the  certificate for level R1HL3.

Kraibon can be used to manufacture very lightweight and sound-absorbing components and linings. The life of components subject to impact  is increased significantly. Especially with a view toward the ongoing heated debate on saving energy, this is an essential step in saving weight and therefore costs and energy.