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Kroraina wind power first phase project has put into operation

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13 May 2015

China Power Investment Corporation Shanshan Kroraina wind power first phase project has completed and connected to the power grid.

The project is located in 93 km east of Shanshan County, which covers an area of 10.8 square kilometers. The total installed capacity is 49500 kilowatts, design installation of 33 wind turbines. The project has been approved in June 2013, the project construction started in April 2014, and now the construction has been completed.Recently the power grid management company has approved grid connection. The first batch of six wind turbines have been connected successfully into the power grid. According to the plan, at the beginning of 2015, all the wind turbines will be put into operation.

The project is the first wind power project invested put into production by China Power Investment Corporation Xinjiang energy chemical group within Turpan 100 km wind area. After the wind farm put into production, it will further expand the company's clean energy industry scale in the Turpan area, enhance the comprehensive utilization of clean energy in this region.

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