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LACH DIAMANT’s most recent product which will be presented at the JEC in Paris

News International-French

6 Mar 2012

At the JEC in Paris LACH DIAMANT will present a world novelty: The Combination Diamond Tool »dreborid®-plus« for drilling, grinding, reaming in one operation cycle

»dreborid-plus« from LACH DIAMANT drills with a cutting edge of polycrystalline diamond. Above the PCD cutting edge a cylindrical drilling shaft is coated with aggressive diamond grains (by a special process, patent applied) for the reaming or grinding process.


»dreborid-plus« is particularly recommended as an alternative for the machining of abrasive materials such as fiber composites, GRP, CFRP or graphite carbon, green ceramic or green carbide.


Annoying cracking when drilling through-holes can be remedied with the diamond reaming/grinding layer in one work step. When processing electro graphite carbon, green ceramic or green carbide, depending on the diamond grit size, the diamond coating of the combination tool can also be used for extensive cutting.


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